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Key ActionProgress
Produce a report for the Forestry Commission on wood properties and uses of larch in Britain.ACHIEVED
Review and implement the Forest Research Data Strategy.ACHIEVED
Implement the Changing the Way We Work change programme.ACHIEVED
Deliver an update of the woodland carbon sequestration estimates for inclusion in the Woodland Carbon Code ‘Woodland Carbon Calculation Spreadsheet’, incorporating revisions based on new forest yield models.SUBSTANTIAL PROGRESS
Publish Forestry Standard (UKFS) Practice Guide: ‘Adapting forest and woodland management to the changing climate’.ACHIEVED
Publish Forestry Standard (UKFS) Practice Guide: ‘Designing and managing forests and woodlands to reduce flood risks’.ACHIEVED
Expand the funding base the securing additional UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) projects as part of Phase 2 of the Future of UK Treescapes programme.ACHIEVED
Participate in the UKRO Future of UK Treescapes programme through involvement in collaborative funded projects.ACHIEVED
Publish FR’s summary report on ‘Quantifying the Sustainable Forest Carbon Cycle’.ACHIEVED
Published the results of our pioneering Storm Damage Assessment.ACHIEVED
Launch of the FR Climate Change Hub.ACHIEVED
Completed a substantial research project Greenhouse gases and carbon dynamics of forestry.ACHIEVED
Undertake research to investigate alternatives to conventional plastic treeshelters (multiyear project).ONGOING
Collaborate with the International Union of Forest Research Organisations (IUFRO) to publish a global review of the effects of forest management on water quality.ACHIEVED
National Forest Inventory Production Forecast published providing key national forestry statistics through the Forestry Statistics and Forestry, Facts and Figures 2022 and the updated Timber Price Indices.ACHIEVED
Implement the Trees Outside Woodlands surveying and monitoring programme in England as part of the NCEA.SUBSTANTIAL PROGRESS
Progress our approach to enhanced research impact by developing and implementing a Knowledge Exchange and Impact Strategy.ACHIEVED
Establish a Research Ethics Committee to oversee our research plans and activities.ACHIEVED
Development of Careers Hub on the FR external webpage.ACHIEVED
Grow FR income.ACHIEVED