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    Technical Development Services: Land reclamation

    Technical Development has been involved in land restoration operations since the 1990s, when complete cultivation techniques and use of sewage sludge were being developed by Forest Research. In 2009 TD resumed work on land reclamation prompted by the interest of FC Scotland in regenerating brown-field land as a component of the Woodlands In and Around Towns […]
  • Publications

    [Archive] Recycling land for forestry: proceedings of the Forestry Commission and British Land Reclamation Society Conference, University of Wolverhampton

    Lead Author: Andy J. Moffat
    Eight papers from a conference on restoring disturbed land to forestry, relevant because of the rapid increase in this type of land use in support of urban forestry initiatives. The papers represent a valuable set of opinions, and a basis from which further work in promoting woodland cover on restored disturbed land can be developed. […]
  • Publications

    [Archive] Reclaiming disturbed land for forestry

    Lead Author: Andy Moffat
    This Bulletin has been written to give up-to-date practical advice to people involved in the reclamation of disturbed land who wish to plant trees on the restored site. The Bulletin provides a comprehensive guide both to mineral companies, in preparing planning applications which involve proposals for forestry, and to mineral planning authorities, in considering such […]
  • Publications

    Integrated remediation, reclamation and greenspace creation on brownfield land

    Lead Author: Tony Hutchings
    An overview of how greenspace can be established and used in a sustainable regeneration context on brownfield land. By T.R. Hutchings, D. Sinnett, K.J. Doick, K. Pediaditi and A.J. Moffat. CL:AIRE SUBR:IM Bulletin 11 Contact Kieron Doick
  • Publications

    Using quality compost to reclaim land for forestry and woody biomass

    Lead Author: Forest Research
    Forestry Commission Report 2014. Technical guidance on using quality compost to reclaim land for forestry and woody biomass. Contact Bill Jones. What’s of interest These publications are produced by Technical Development. Some (mainly older) publications are not available online. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact Bill Jones.
  • Publications

    Publications on woodlands and the environment

    Land reclamation and urban greening
  • Publications

    [Archive] Urban forestry practice

    Lead Author: B.G. Hibberd
    Wherever trees are planted their basic needs have to be met if healthy growth is to be promoted. This Handbook gives practical advice on the establishment and subsequent management of trees and woodlands in urban and urban fringe areas. The Handbook has been designed for a wide audience, reflecting the varied disciplines and requirements involved […]
  • Publications

    [Archive] The potential for woodland on urban and industrial wasteland in England and Wales

    Lead Author: Duncan Perry
    This report considers the use of woodlands as a means of rehabilitating urban and industrial wastelands, and the availability of such land as a resource for new woodlands in England and Wales. This publication is still available in hardcopy.
  • Research

    Tree tolerance to heavy metals

    Research focusing on determining optimum species choice for planting in metal contaminated soils
  • Research

    Phytoremediation and stabilisation

    Use of trees in the remediation and stabilisation of contaminants
  • Publications

    The use of compost in the regeneration of brownfield land

    Lead Author: Danielle Sinnett
    Integrated remediation and greening of urban greenspace using compost for the establishment of plant growth on remediated soils and the development of novel compost for the remediation of metal contaminated land. By R. van Herwijnen, G. Sellers, D. Sinnett, A.J. Moffat, T.R. Hutchings, A. Al-Tabbaa and S. Ouki. CL:AIRE SUBR:IM Bulletin 10 What’s of interest If your organisation has […]
  • Research

    Integrated urban remediation and greening

    Use of integrated remediation options for contaminated land