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  • Tools and Resources

    Forest management plans

    A description of Forest management plans and their importance
  • Publications

    Publications on forest management

    Publications about improving silvicultural and operational solutions for achieving sustainable management
  • Publications

    Ecosystem services and forest management

    Lead Author: Louise Sing
    The ecosystem services concept helps describe the benefits which humans receive from nature and natural processes in a way that can influence policy and management decision making. The ability of trees, woodlands and forests to provide a wide range of ecosystem services is very much dependent on where they are located and how they are […]
  • Publications

    The identification of soils for forest management

    Lead Author: Fiona Kennedy
    The aim of this Field Guide is to assist forestry practitioners in making responsible management decisions by providing them with a way to identify soil quickly. This is done via a series of keys aimed at those with little or no experience of soil classification.
  • Publications

    [Archive] Forest management tables

    Lead Author: R.T. Bradley
    The tables in this publication have been prepared with the object of providing a basis for the management of Forestry Commission plantations but they are equally applicable to any plantations which are managed primarily for profit. The Revised Yield Tables for Conifers in Great Britain published in 1953 (Forest Record Number 24) and all previous […]
  • Research

    Models for adaptive forest management (MOTIVE)

    This page summarises the work of the ‘Models for Adaptive Forest Management’ (MOTIVE) project, funded by the EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).
  • Research

    Human dimensions of adaptive forest management

    The page summarises the findings from Forest Research’s literature review and case study analyses on the social, cultural and organisational aspects of adaptive forest management and the impact of innovation in this area.
  • Research

    Integrated forest management of Hylobius abietis

    Investigating the potential of Integrated Forest Management of Hylobius abietis to reduce chemical inputs
  • Publications

    Design techniques for forest management planning

    Lead Author: Forestry Commission
    Forest management plans are the key reference documents for monitoring and assessing forests and forestry practice in Britain. They define and communicate forest and woodland management proposals, set out how sustainable forest management is to be achieved and describe the consequences of management activities over time. Forest management planning involves assembling and integrating a wide […]
  • Publications

    [Archive] Yield models for forest management

    Lead Author: P.N. Edwards
    This booklet, with its associated yield models and curves, replaces Forestry Commission Booklet Number 34 Forest Management Tables (Metric) by G. J. Hamilton and J. M. Christie, which was published by HMSO in 1971. Yield models can be constructed to simulate the effects of any silvicultural treatment, and the ‘normal yield tables’ included in the […]
  • Publications

    [Archive] Forest management tables (metric)

    Lead Author: G.J. Hamilton
    The tables included in this Booklet are designed as aids to the management of forests in British conditions and where profitability is a primary objective. The Booklet is divided into four parts which are: The Yield Class System of Classifying Growth Potential Thinning Control Production Forecasting Yield Tables This publication is a revised, metric edition of Forestry Commission Booklet 16, […]
  • Publications

    Sustainable forest management: the international framework

    Lead Author: Forestry Commission
    2002 report. Outlines, from a domestic perspective, some of the key international commitments on forests and identifies the actions associated with them.