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Themes: Urban Trees And Greenspaces

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  • Publications

    The canopy cover Webmap of the United Kingdom’s towns and cities

    Lead Author: Kris Sales
    This paper summarises the results of Forest Research’s citizen science canopy cover webmap. Tree canopy cover was measured by contributors to the project in 5,749 urban wards in the UK using a random sample, manual image classification tool called i-Tree Canopy. The area-weighted mean canopy cover across urban areas in the UK was found to […]
  • Research

    Understanding the public value of Trees outside Woodlands: Peri-Urban and Rural (ToWPUR)

    This project will gather evidence to better understand the social and cultural value of an understudied part of English treescapes: Trees outside Woodlands in peri-urban and rural areas (ToWPUR). The research will feed into a variety of policy aims relating to the societal benefits and impact of tree-planting and management.
  • Research

    Feel Good in the Forest: Social prescribing pilot project evaluation

    Feel Good in the Forest is a social prescribing pilot project run by Forestry England. It is part of a wider programme called Active Forests. The pilot aimed to address barriers to participation in forest-based activities and engage inactive and fairly active people with mild to moderate health conditions.
  • Research

    Understanding and supporting public access to woodlands

    This research project will gather evidence to better understand, enable and support public access to woodlands in England. There are currently evidence gaps in meeting the aims of the England Tree Action Plan and the forthcoming Woodland Access Implementation Plan. This research will contribute directly to the delivery and implementation of the plans.
  • Research

    i-Tree Eco Chepstow and Severnside

    Forest Research worked with Treeconomics and Monmouthshire County Council to deliver an i-Tree Eco project in Chepstow and Severnside. This project has been delivered for the Gwent Green Grid partnership, with funding from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. The study area covers the urban areas of Chepstow and Severnside in...
  • Research

    Community Tree Nurseries

    Evidencing the potential for community tree nurseries to contribute to satisfying current British demand for quality, diverse, biosecure tree stock.
  • Publications

    Factsheet: Climate change and urban forests

    Lead Author: Kieron Doick
    Urban forests can both help reduce climate change and help urban society cope with its impacts.
  • Research

    The benefits of an i-Tree Eco survey

    Short summary of evaluation of outcomes and benefits of conducting i-Tree Eco surveys in the UK.
  • Research

    i-Tree Eco Vale of Glamorgan

    The Vale of Glamorgan is home to an estimated 1.7 million trees, including at least 59 different species. Air pollution removal, avoided surface water runoff, and carbon sequestration provided by these trees are worth over £2 million per year.
  • Research

    Growth and performance of novel tree species

    Climate change affects the health and resilience of our urban forests through changes in precipitation, maximum and minimum temperatures, and the spread of pests and diseases. Urban forests with many different species of trees are more resilient to climate change, but there is very little information on what species are suitable...
  • Research

    Ecosystem service provision by urban trees: informing species selection

    Collating ecosystem service provision by different sizes and species of common UK urban trees to inform species selection
  • Research

    Woodland Creation and Expansion – Programme 6

    This research aims to find out how to expand woodland cover in a way that maximises ecological and social benefits. The programme complements the other six programmes and follows collaborative principles to produce tools which support land managers, stakeholders and policy makers to increase engagement with woodland creation activities