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    Public perspectives of treescape creation, expansion, management and maintenance (a review)

    Lead Author: Clare Hall
    This review aims to answer the question “what are the public perspectives of woodland creation, expansion, management and maintenance?” (where woodland is taken to refer to trees in any location and context). Using a combination of structured search strings and key word searches, the search process uncovered 81 relevant publications from 15 countries, published between 1996 and 2021 (inclusive). Given the policy ambitions for tree planting and woodland expansion across Great Britain, from the United Kingdom (UK), Welsh and Scottish Governments, the findings from this review are timely. The findings provide valuable evidence of possible public reactions to new planting, afforestation and changes to management, and identify gaps in the evidence where further work is required.
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    ESCom 2020 workshop: Scotland’s National Ecological Network – progress and practicalities

    Lead Author: Chloe Bellamy
    Summary of a workshop for researchers, policy makers and practitioners to discuss the progress and practicalities of developing a National Ecological Network in Scotland. Embedded in this approach to more sustainable land use is the need to take stock of progress towards regional and national ecological networks to increase resilience into the future.
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    The natural capital of floodplains: management, protection and restoration to deliver greater benefits. Valuing Nature – Natural Capital Synthesis Report. VNP09.

    Lead Author: Nadia Barsoum
    Floodplains are important natural capital assets which deliver a wide range of benefits to people. The interface between terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems in floodplains fosters both a wealth and a complexity of resources that are challenging to measure and compare.
  • Publications

    The Forestry Commission public forest estate in England: Social use, value and expectations (Full report)

    Lead Author: Claudia Carter
    Final report from study to provide evidence of the public value of the Forestry Commission Public Forest Estate in England and establish whether people have different perceptions and expectations of publicly owned forests compared to those in other forms of ownership. By Claudia Carter, Anna Lawrence, Rebecca Lovell and Liz O’Brien.