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    The carbon balances of two contrasting forest stands growing in the UK

    Lead Author: M. Wilkinson
    This Research Note summarises recent research on the carbon balances of two forest stands: an upland Sitka spruce plantation in Harwood Forest in the northeast of England, and a lowland deciduous oak plantation in Alice Holt Forest in southeast England.
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    Scenario analysis: exploring future woodland use and ecosystem services delivery

    Lead Author: Darren Moseley
    Land use change has been one of the major influences on UK forests and wooded landscapes for many years, with the future likely to be affected through changes in climate and human population pressure. This presents a challenge for the long-term planning and management of woodlands to provide the range of goods and benefits (i.e. […]
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    Carbon storage and substitution benefits of harvested wood products

    This Research Note considers the potential of extending coverage of the UK Woodland Carbon Code to the carbon benefits of wood products associated with woodland creation projects.
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    Ecological implications of oak decline in Great Britain

    This Research Note describes the ecological value of Great Britain’s native oaks, as reflected in the biodiversity supported by the trees and ecosystem functions the trees perform.
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    Understanding the role of urban tree management on ecosystem services

    Urban forests provide ecosystem services that contribute to human health, liveability and sustainability. The management of trees influences the delivery of these ecosystem services and thus helps determine the total benefit provided by an urban forest. This Research Note summarises two Research Reports that assessed the delivery of regulating ecosystem services by 30 tree species […]
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    Comparing the cost-effectiveness of forestry options for climate change mitigation

    This Research Note examines two recent studies which assessed the cost-effectiveness of forestry options for climate change mitigation across Great Britain.
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    The role of urban trees and greenspaces in reducing urban air temperatures

    This Research Note describes the negative impact that elevated urban temperatures can have on human thermal comfort and health and how urban green infrastructure can help lessen this impact.
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    Woodland managers’ understanding of resilience and their future information needs

    This Research Note provides an investigation into private woodland owners’ and managers’ understanding of resilience in regard to forest and woodland management in the UK.
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    Niches for species: a multi-species model to guide woodland management

    Lead Author: Alice Broome
    To protect biodiversity in the face of environmental change, there is a need to designate and manage areas of habitat for rare and threatened species. However, to identify the right areas usually requires detailed data on species distributions. Reliable data for rare and protected species are sparse as many species are cryptic and under-recorded. The […]
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    Conservation of black poplar: insights from a DNA fingerprinting approach

    Lead Author: Joan Cottrell
    Black poplar is Great Britain’s rarest native hardwood and there is considerable interest in conserving the genetic diversity present in the remaining population. However, multiplication by vegetative propagation has led to issues in identifying and selecting genetically diverse native planting material. The ability to use DNA markers to identify poplars at the level of the […]
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    Outdoor learning: closing the attainment gap in primary schoolchildren in Scotland

    Lead Author: Jamie Hamilton
    This Research Note compares the performances of 71 primary schoolchildren carrying out curricular tasks in outdoor and indoor classroom settings. By observing, recording and analysing how the children performed in group activities taken from the Scottish curriculum, an evaluation could be made of the relative merits of indoor and outdoor learning. In general, the results […]
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    Encouraging biodiversity at multiple scales in support of resilient woodlands

    Lead Author: Chloe Bellamy
    Woodland ecosystems are integral to our health, well-being, security and economy, but they face a number of pressures including climate change, land-use intensification, and emerging pests and diseases. This Research Note explores the links between biodiversity, measured at different levels of organisation (genes, species and communities), and the ability of woodland ecosystems to withstand and […]