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Forestry Practices: Field Guide

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    Thinning control (2015)

    Lead Author: Forestry Commission
    This Field Guide provides guidance on the control of volume to be removed when marking a thinning and a guide to thinning yields. There are four sections: the first describes the yield class system and how yield class is assessed in a stand. The second covers thinning practice, including the type, intensity and cycle of […]
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    Forest Seedlings: A guide to the identification of tree and shrub seedlings in Britain

    Lead Author: Richard Jinks
    The ability to accurately identify tree and shrub seedlings is invaluable to anyone with an interest in forests and woodlands and it is fundamental to practical woodland management. However, identifying seedlings in their first year of growth is not as straightforward as identifying adult trees and shrubs, as they are often strikingly different in appearance. Forest […]
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    Timber Measurement

    Lead Author: Ewan D Mackie
    Timber measurement was first published in 1983 as Booklet 49. Its punchy, practical style proved popular with practitioners trying to work out how to take basic measurements on trees and timber and apply standard forest mensuration procedures in the field. This revised edition has been produced primarily to achieve consistency with the second edition of […]
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    Roundwood and sawlog volume tables

    Lead Author: Forestry Commission
    This publication combines and replaces Forestry Commission Field Book 1: Top diameter sawlog tables and Forestry Commission Field Book 11: Mid-diameter volume tables. The top diameter method for assessing volume is restricted to groups of sawlogs, preferably of uniform length up to 8.4 m. Volume determination using the mid-diameter method is traditionally used for assessing […]
  • Publications

    The identification of soils for forest management

    Lead Author: Fiona Kennedy
    The aim of this Field Guide is to assist forestry practitioners in making responsible management decisions by providing them with a way to identify soil quickly. This is done via a series of keys aimed at those with little or no experience of soil classification.