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Software tool to optimise heat treatment of timber.

Large quantities of wood packaging are transported internationally each year. All countries need reliable, safe ways to certify that their timber exports are free of unwanted pest migrants.

International Standard on Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) 15 specifies that all packaging timber must be heat treated to a core temperature of 56 ºC for at least 30 minutes. Regulators and heating chamber operators need easy-to-use tools to ensure that this is achieved effectively, without wasting energy by overtreating the timber.

TimberTherm™ is a software program that accurately predicts the treatment time required, using reliable and easily available data:

  • Timber dimensions
  • Tree species
  • Moisture categories
  • Chamber wet or dry bulb temperatures
  • Embedded data: density from reference sources and diffusivity from testing.

It enables confident prediction, without the use of expensive and often unreliable core temperature probes.

timbertherm_flier4.pdf (PDF – 609K)

TimberTherm™ was developed by BHR Group Ltd and Forest Research.

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For a beta version of the software. We are looking for a limited number of regulators and heating chamber operators to fine-tune the software development.

For further information

Dr. Hugh Evans

Dr. Emily Ho
BHR Group Limited
The Fluid Engineering Centre
Wharley End
Bedfordshire MK43 0AJ
Tel: +44(0)1234 750422

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