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Herbicide Advisor

This a web based expert system developed to advise on the relative efficacy of different herbicides for scenarios with a mix of weed and crop species, at varying times of the year.

Herbicide Advisor was developed as a technology demonstrator, based on the information contained in the 1995 edition of Forestry Commission Field Book 8. In some cases the information on the approval status and use of specific herbicides it contains is now outdated. Although access to the system has been maintained for users, it should only be viewed as a technology demonstrator, not as a system giving authoritative advice on use or approval status of herbicides. For the latest information on approved pesticides please refer to

Neither the Forestry Commission, Forest Research nor the Canadian Forest Service accept any liability whatsoever arising from following the advice given by this technology demonstration system.

The system assumes that:

  • Weed identification, impact assessment or prediction has already taken place
  • It has been confirmed that there are no cost effective non-chemical alternatives available.


Herbicide Advisor produces a suitability index for each herbicide as well as further details on crop sensitivity to overall sprays and secondary weed susceptibility.

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Further information

Thomson, A.J. and Willoughby, I. (2004). A web based expert system for advising on herbicide use in Great Britain. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 42 43-49.

Reducing Pesticide Use in Forestry

fcpg015_cover.jpgThis guide can help forestry practitioners to assess the impact of any problem and select a non-chemical solution.

If pesticide use is unavoidable this guide should help managers to keep chemical use to the minimum level necessary consistent with good practice while at the same time reducing the risk of damage to the environment.

Reducing Pesticide Use in Forestry (PDF-2973K)or order this publication.


Comments on the usefulness of the system and ideas for further development are welcomed. However whilst your comments are valued, it is not currently possible for us to send an acknowledgement or answer any queries you may have.

Ian Willoughby

Tools & Resources
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