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Suzanne Peace


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Suzanne facilitates and delivers communication activities to Forest Research stakeholders including including policy-makers, practitioners, and citizens.

Her responsibilities include:

  • Science communication
  • Corporate communication

She works at a strategic and operational level to plan, deliver and evaluate communications.

Suzanne’s career spans research, practice and science communication. Since 2009 she has focussed on communicating science to policy-makers, practitioners and publics.

Her previous experience includes:

  • working as a Science-Policy Officer with ClimateXChange facilitating knowledge exchange on the topic of climate change between scientists in Scottish research institutes and policy teams in Scottish Government;
  • partnership working for Forestry Commission Scotland (now Scottish Forestry) as a Development Officer integrating forests and woodlands into rural development and urban regeneation projects in the central Scotland;
  • conducting and project managing research as a social science Project Leader at Forest Research.

Suzanne qualified as a Geographer at the University of Aberdeen with an MA and PhD. The focus of her studies was on understanding human and environment interactions. Her PhD explored public perceptions of climate change and notions of ‘environmental citizenship’ as a stimlus for behaviour change.


  • Member and Accredited Practitioner of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations
  • Member of STEMPRA – a network for science PR and communications professionals
Senior Communications Officer

Forest Research

Alice Holt Lodge


Surrey GU10 4LH


Other Research

Facilitates communications in the following research areas:

Climate change
Forest management
Physical environment
Society, economy and statistics
Urban trees and greenspace
Pests and diseases
Forest ecology