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Ruth Chitty

BSc (Hons), PhD

Home staff Ruth Chitty

Ruth graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London in 2014 with a BSc (Hons) in Biology. After graduating Ruth went on to carry out her PhD in parental effects in plants. This involved studying the role of symbiotic fungi in transmission of environmental information between multiple generations of plants. She joined Forest Research as an assistant pathology diagnostician in the Tree Health Diagnostic and Advisory Service in 2018.


Member of the Royal Society of Biology

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Ruth Chitty

BSc (Hons), PhD
Advisory Diagnostician (Pathology)
Tree health

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Other Research

Pérez-Sierra, A., Hardy, C., Chitty, R., Lewis, A. & McCartan, S. (2021) First report of Sirococcus piceicola associated with Sitka spruce seed in Britain. New Disease Reports, 44,e12048.

Chitty, R.P., Gange, A.C. (2021) Reciprocal interactions between aphids and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi across plant generations. Arthropod-Plant Interactions.