Andy Moffat

BSc, PhD, DSc, FRGS, FISoilSci, MICFor

Main recent publications

Peer reviewed journal articles

Lakeman Fraser, P., Gosling, L., Moffat, A.J., West, S.E., Fradera, R., Davies, L., Ayamba, M.A. and van der Wal, R. 2016.  To have your citizen science cake and eat it? Delivering outreach and environmental monitoring through Open Air Laboratories (OPAL).  BMC Ecology Supplement 16 (Suppl 1): S16, 57-70.

Moffat, A.J. 2016.  Communicating the benefits of urban trees: A critical review.  Arboricultural Journal 38(2), 64-82.

Collison, J., Wilson, C.A., Moffat, A.J. and Gallacher, J. 2015.  Soil disturbance resulting from stump harvesting.  Scottish Forestry 69 (2), 20-27.

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Moffat, A.J. and Pearce, H.G. 2013.  Contrasting approaches to forest fire risk in New Zealand and Great Britain. Scottish Forestry 67 (4), 10-17.

Rajapaksha, N.S.S., Butt, K.R., Vanguelova, E. and Moffat, A.J. 2013.  Earthworm selection of Short Rotation Forestry leaf litter assessed through preference testing and direct observation.  Soil Biology and Biochemistry 67, 12-19.

Rajapaksha, N.S.S., Butt, K.R., Vanguelova, E. and Moffat, A.J. 2013.  Effects of Short Rotation Forestry on earthworm community development in the UK.  Forest Ecology and Management 309, 96-104.

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Finlay, S., Moffat, A.J., Gazzard, R. and Murray, V. 2012. Wildfires and Health Impacts.  PLoS Currents: Disasters doi: 10.1371/4f959951cce2c.

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Pediaditi, K., Doick, K.J. and Moffat, A.J. 2010.  Monitoring and evaluation practice for brownfield regeneration to greenspace initiatives.  A meta-evaluation of assessment and monitoring tools.  Landscape and Urban Planning 97, 22-36.

Rodriguez, O., Sellers, G., Sinnett, D., Moffat, A.J. and Hutchings, T.R. 2010.  Use of remediated soil materials for sustainable plant growth.  Land Contamination & Reclamation 18, 25-39.

Vanguelova, E.I., Benham, S., Pitman, R., Moffat, A.J., Broadmeadow, M., Nisbet, T., Durrant, D., Barsoum, N., Wilkinson, M., Bochereau, F., Hutchings, T., Broadmeadow, S., Crow, P., Taylor, P. and Durrant-Houston, T. 2010.  Chemical fluxes in time through forest ecosystems in the UK – soil response to pollution recovery.  Environmental Pollution 158, 1857-1869.

Book and book chapters (including published conference proceedings)

Moffat, A.J., Doick, K.J. and Handley, P. 2017. Petersfield’s trees - their importance and value. Results of the i-Tree Eco survey. Report to East Hampshire District Council, South Downs National Park Authority and Petersfield Town Council. The Petersfield Society, Petersfield

Moffat, A.J. 2017. 1.2 European countries. 1.2.27 United Kingdom. In: San-Miguel-Ayanz, J., Durrant, T., Boca, R., Libertà, G., Branco, A., de Rigo, D., Ferrari, D., Maianti, P., Artés Vivancos, T., Schulte, E. and Loffler, P. Forest Fires in Europe, Middle East and North Africa 2016. EUR 28707 EN, Publications Office, Luxembourg.

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Bastrup-Birk, A., Reker, J., Zal, N., Romao, C., Cugny-Seguin, M., Moffat, A.J. et al. 2016.  European forest ecosystems - State and trends.  EEA Report No. 5/2016, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg.

Moffat, A.J. 2015.  Green infrastructure and regeneration of brownfield land.  Chapter 22.  In: D. Sinnett, N. Smith and S. Burgess (eds).  Handbook on Green Infrastructure: Planning, design and implementation, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, Cheltenham, pp. 395-413.

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Moffat, A.J. and Fischer, R. 2013.  Reporting forest monitoring.  In: Ferretti, M. and Fischer, R. (eds).  Forest Monitoring. Scientific methods for the terrestrial monitoring of temperate and boreal forests. Elsevier, Amsterdam, pp. 469-480.

Moffat, A.J. and Quine, C.P. 2011.  The ecosystem services framework: a new opportunity for UK forestry?  In: Landscape Ecology and Ecosystem Services, Proceedings of the 18th Annual Conference of the International Association of Landscape Ecologists (UK), University of Wolverhampton, 6-8 September 2011, C. Young, L. Besenyei, I. Hooper and K. Moreton-Jones (eds), ialeUK, pp. 55-62.

FC and FR publications including official statistics

Moffat, A.J. 2015.  Climate change and land regeneration. Forest Research Best Practice Guidance for Land Regeneration BPG No. 21, Farnham, 3 pp.

Moffat, A.J., Nisbet, T.R. and Nicoll, B. 2011.  Environmental effects of stump and root harvesting.  Forestry Commission Research Note FCRN009, Edinburgh.

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Contract and project reports

Moffat, A.J. 2015.  A wildfire risk management system for UK forestry - moving to operational practice.  Report to Forestry Commission, Edinburgh.

Moffat, A.J. 2014.  A wildfire risk management system for UK forestry. Report to Forestry Commission, Edinburgh.

Moffat, A.J. 2014.  Ground-truthing climate change and adaptation in Scotland.  Response at estate scale: opportunities, constraints and implications for policy support.  Report to ClimateXChange, Scotland, 14 pp.

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Moffat, A.J., Morison, J.I.L., Nicoll, B. and Bain, V. 2012.  Climate Change Risk Assessment for the Forestry Sector. Defra, London.

MacLeod, A. and Moffat, A.J. 2012.  Use of anaerobic digestates in forestry: experimental research.  Final Report to WRAP.

Benham, S.E. and Moffat, A.J. 2012.  A report on the effects of visitor trampling to the Kingley Vale Yews.  Report to Natural England, 25 pp.

Jarvis, D. and Moffat, A.J. 2011.  Anaerobic Digestate and Compost Trials in Commercial Forestry.  Innovative Uses for Quality Composts and Outputs from Anaerobic Digestion within the Landscape and Regeneration Sectors in Scotland.  Final Report to Zero Waste Scotland. 

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Moffat, A.J. and Morison, J.I. 2010.  UK Climate Change Risk Assessment. Forestry Sector Telephone Interview Records

Trade journal and newsletter articles

Moffat, A.J. 2017.  A modern stocktake of trees in Petersfield.  Petersfield Area Historical Society Bulletin – Spring 2017, 3-5.

Moffat, A.J., Doick, K.J. and Handley, P. 2017. An i-Tree Eco survey for Petersfield – a story of community engagement.  ARB Magazine 176, 47-48.

Fradera, R., Slawson, D., Gosling, L., Lakeman-Fraser, P., Makuch, K., Makuch, Z., Madani, K., Martin, K., Slade, R., Geoghegan, H., Moffat, A.J. and Haklay, M. 2016. Exploring the Nexus through citizen science.

Moffat, A.J. and Sinnett, D. 2016. The modern role of land reclamation for housing.  Planning & Building Control Today.

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Web pages

Beggs, J., Irvine, K., Mell, I., Stanley, M., Jones, L., Dodd, M., Goddard, M., Moffat, A.J., Cavan, G., Rawlinson, H., Luna, L., Daie, P., van der Esch, S. and Almulla, L.  2015. Finding the sweet spot for ecological, social and economic values of urban greening.

Moffat, A.J. 2015.  Forestry and painting – how the two might shed light on each other.

Scientific conferences: presentations or posters

Moffat, A.J., Benham, S., Morison, J.I.L., Pitman, R., Vanguelova, E.I., Wilkinson, M. and Yamulki, S. 2010.  The value of forest monitoring in developing forest ecosystem science in Britain.  In: John Derome – Ambassador for forest monitoring in Europe, L. Ukonmaanaho, K. Derome, P. Rautio and P. Merilä (eds), Working Papers of the Finnish Forest Research Institute 180, p. 28.