Peter Freer-Smith

DSc, PhD, BSc

Recent publications

FREER-SMITH P H and PEACE S 2019 100 years of Forestry Research. The Quarterly Journal of Forestry Vol 113 (1) 21-27

SILVA L N, FREER-SMITH P H and MADSEN P 2018 Over 10 years, the NGP concept has demonstrated ways to address some of the biggest global challenges. NGP Review 2018 pages 6- 11

 SILVA L N, FREER-SMITH P H and MADSEN P 2018 Production, Restoration, Mitigation: a new generation of plantations. New Forests DOI 10.1007/s11056-018-9644-6

JEFFRIES, B, FREER-SMITH P H and others. 2017 10 years of the New Generation Plantations Platform. E book launched in June 2017 at the NGP annual event

FREER-SMITH P H and WEBBER, J F. 2015. Tree pests and diseases: the threat to biodiversity and the delivery of ecosystem services.