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Maddie Grady

MSc, BSc

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Maddie is exploring ways that we can use remotely sensed data to provide improved spatial information on land use, landscape structure, condition and features such as trees outside of woodlands and hedgerows. She works across both the Land Use and Ecosystem Services research group and the Inventory Forecasting and Operational Support team.

Maddie recently joined Forest Research in April 2020. Her work is within the LUES group and IFOS on a variety of different projects using Earth Observation and Geospatial data for landscape scale monitoring, in particular mapping hedgerows and trees outside woodlands. Maddie is in the final stages of a PhD developing land cover change identification techniques for landscape monitoring using Earth Observation data, she has completed a MSc in Remote Sensing and GIS and BSc in Physical Geography all at Aberystwyth University.

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Maddie Grady

MSc, BSc
Spatial Analyst
Land use and ecosystem services (LUES)

Other Research

Current Projects

  • WrEN: mapping trees outside of woodlands and hedgerows across the WrEN case study areas in England and Scotland.