Juan Suárez-Minguez

BSc, MSc, PhD


Project Leader

Earth Observation Data Integration Pilot, Research Project 9 – Innovative application of remote sensing to forestry management and monitoring

FR Programme 2 – Understanding biotic threats to resilience. Work Area 6 – Remote Sensing for tree health surveillance

Project Leader

Monitoring plant stress using a combination of hyperspectral and thermal sensors.

FR Programme 6 –Work Area 1.7 – Evaluate the potential of LiDAR to assess tree height, updating of Sub-Compartment Database and improving Production Forecast estimations

Project Leader

Use of airborne LiDAR to improve mensuration estimates at stand and sub-stand level, such as top height, yield class, biomass, mean diameter and volume.

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Zhao, K., Suárez, J.C., García, M., Hu, T., Wang, C, and Londo. A. (2017). ‘Utility of multitemporal lidar to monitor forest change—Tree growth, biomass dynamics, and carbon flux’. Submitted to Remote Sensing of the Environment.

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Book and book chapters

Suárez, J. (2013). A individual canopy delineation algorithm based on Object-Oriented segmentation and classification. Book chapter in Challenges and opportunities for the worlds forests in the 21st century. Springer.

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Trade journal and newsletter articles

Suárez, J.C., Fonweban, J. and Gardiner, B. (2012). ‘Supporting Precision Forestry in Great Britain’. Earthzine, 22nd June 2012.

Suárez, J. (2011). The use of small foot print LiDAR to estimate biomass in the North American Woodlands. In prep. for the ICF journal.

Scientific conferences: presentations or posters

Tan, C.P., Marino, A. Woodhouse, I.H., Cloude, S., Suarez, J.C. and Edwards, C. (2011). See the forests with different eyes. IGARSS. IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium. Vancouver, Canada. 24-29th July.

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Tan, C.P., Marino, A. Woodhouse, I.H., Cloude, S., Suarez, J.C. and Edwards, C. (2011). The potential of TERRASAR-X in assessing forest above-ground biomass in Scotland. POLINSAR-ESA conference. Frascati, Italy 24-28 January.