Ian Macleod

  • Mapping
    • Mapping supporting Estates transactions
    • Mapping supporting registration of the National Forest Estate in ScotlandMapping supporting Scottish Forest Renewables transactions
  • Digitising
    • Currently; English Woodland Grant Scheme, Felling Licences, Utilities, Deeds, Plant Health
  • Data Management
    • Acquiring, processing and distributing core spatial data: Ordnance Survey, Aerial Photography, Remote Sensing (Sentinel), Soil, Geology
    • Managing data on FC Spatial Data Repository
    • Open Data: supporting countries in fulfilment of Open Data obligations such as INSPIRE and #OpenDEFRA
  • Remote Sensing
    • Using satellite data to identify change for National Forest Inventory map and increasingly exploring other remote sensing opportunities
  • Advisory
    • Advice to users on spatial data, licensing, acknowledgement & procurement

Responsible for publishing spatial data, FC material can be found on several sites: