Jack Forster

BSc (Hons), PhD

Social and Economic ResearchRecent work includes analysis of questionnaire data associated with the monitoring and evaluation of projects with Kew Gardens (Grow Wild) and the Active Forests Programme.

Land Use and Ecosystem Services ResearchUse of structural equation modelling (SEM) to analyse woodland creation and ecological networks (WrEN) in collaboration with the University of Stirling.

Forest Management ResearchAnalysis of experimental data from a range of trials focussing on vegetation management and reducing herbicide inputs.

Climate Change Research Recent work includes assessment of tree model reconstruction from Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS) readings.

Pests and diseasesUsing mixed-effects models to assess potential multifactorial drivers of acute oak decline (AOD).

Peer-reviewed journal articlesHirst, A.G. and Forster, J., 2013. When growth models are not universal: evidence from marine invertebrates. Proc. R. Soc. B (Vol. 280, No. 1768, p. 20131546).

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Official statisticsImmigration statistics quarterly release, January 2015 - December 2015

Digest of the United Kingdom Energy Statistics (DUKES) Gas Statistics, 2013 – 2014

Energy Trends Gas Statistics, September 2013 – September 2014

Other publicationsKerr, G., Forster, J. and Jinks, R. (2016) Summary of FR Seed Origin Trials on Low's fir [Abies concoloer var. Iowiana (Gord.) Lemm.] FR Report, June 2016.

Parratt, M. J., Willoughby, I. and Forster, J. (2016) Cycloxidim and Propyzamide as potential habitat improvement tools for the Pearl-bordered Fritillary butterfly. FR Report June 2016.

Stokes. V, Forster, J. and Kerr, G. (2017) A comparison of Sitka x white spruce hybrids with QCI Sitka spruce. FR Report February 2017.

Determining labour shortages and the need for labour migration from third countries in the UK. European Migration Network Focused Study, Home Office Science, May 2015.

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Diversity of supply for oil and oil products in OECD countries. Department of Energy and Climate Change, September 2013.

Physical gas flows across Europe and security and diversity of gas supply in 2011. Department of Energy and Climate Change, June 2013.

Exploring the mechanism of how ectotherms change size with changing Temperature. Thesis submitted in accordance of the requirements of Queen Mary, University of London for the degree of Doctor in Philosophy, July 2012.