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Alice Haughan

BSc, MRes, PhD

Home staff Alice Haughan
Alice joined Forest Research in 2022, her work involves using spatial analysis to assess ecological connectivity and land management effects on forests and the ecosystem services they provide. She is currently working on collating past research and exploring trends in woodland opportunity mapping, analysing the benefits and trade-offs in ecosystem service provision through woodland creation and expansion, and developing R-Shiny applications to improve visualisation of research projects and outcomes.
Prior to joining the LUES team she was an Associate Lecturer at the University of Reading teaching in areas of conservation, ecology and agri-environmental policy as well as technical skills in GIS and R. Her PhD was a NERC-funded joint project between the University of Reading and the Institute of Zoology (ZSL), focusing on modelling the effects of climate change, land use change and their interactions on forest distribution across India.
Her research interests include:
• Woodland expansion with consideration of ecosystem benefits and trade-offs
• Ecological spatial modelling
• Improving visualisation of research
• Climate change effects on forest systems


Member of the British Ecological Society

Alice Haughan

BSc, MRes, PhD
Spatial Scientist
Land use and ecosystem services (LUES)


Northern Research Station



EH25 9SY