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Alex Chambers-Ostler


Home staff Alex Chambers-Ostler

As part of the Urban Forest Research Group (UFoRG), Alex is studying urban forests in the UK, asking how are they composed and structured, what benefits can they provide, and what threats they face.

Alex studied the spatial patterns of forest height and the ecophysiology of tree height for his PhD which he completed in 2021. Alex joined the Urban Forest Research Group (UFoRG) in 2021 and is currently studying urban forests in the UK.

Urban Forest Research Scientist
Urban forests

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Peer reviewed journal articles


Esquivel-Muelbert, A.; Bennett, A.C.; Sullivan, M.J.P.; Baker, J.C.A.; Gavish, Y.; Johnson, M.O.; Wang, Y.; Chambers-Ostler, A.; Lisli Giannichi, M.; Gomes, L.; Kalamandeen, M.; Charan Pattnayak, K.; Fauset, S. A Spatial and Temporal Risk Assessment of the Impacts of El Niño on the Tropical Forest Carbon Cycle: Theoretical Framework, Scenarios, and Implications. Atmosphere 2019, 10, 588.