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Changes in tree and forest ecosystem service values

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Our research has explored how values might change under different scenarios and visions, and different costs and benefits. For example:

1. Stakeholder analysis was used to develop five visions (options) for woodland expansion in Scotland based on different priorities. The visions each had a particular focus: Green Gold (productive woodland), Wild Woodlands (naturally regenerating native woodland), Native Networks (native, semi-natural woodland), Woodland Culture (community empowered management) and Multiple Benefits (right tree in the right place). Working in this way can help support more joined up and effective approaches to land use planning.

2. Several climate change adaptation options using different tree species are being explored to show where replanting with an alternative species is cost-effective from a climate change mitigation perspective.

3. Surveys on the expected costs and benefits of introducing practices to limit the introduction and spread of phytophthoras (fungal pathogens affecting trees) suggest that often measures are not considered cost-effective from the nursery’s perspective, limiting the potential for relying on a voluntary certification scheme to increase uptake by the sector.




Publications, papers and information on changes in tree and forest ecosystem service values

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