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Final Conference – March 2021


Report on Final Conference 

Hosted by European Forestry Institute (EFI) – online

17 – 18 March 2021 

The aim of the PESFOR-W COST Action is to synthesize knowledge, provide guidance and encourage collaborative research to improve Europe’s capacity to use Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) to achieve Water Framework Directive (WFD) targets & other policy objectives through incentives for planting woodlands to reduce agricultural diffuse pollution to watercourses.

Programme (UK time)

Programme (CET time)


Attendance list – to follow


17 March 2021

Introduction (day 1) by Gregory Valatin

Presentation by Sven Wunder, EFI – Forests, trees and watershed-based PES: pre-conditions and impacts

Action Plan Overview 

Action Plan – Summary Table 

Actions needed to address inadequate governance frameworks 

Actions needed to address inadequate monitoring and evaluation 

Actions needed to address lack of awareness of environmental effectiveness

Actions needed to address dearth of information on cost-effectiveness

Actions needed to address non-pecuniary barriers

Actions needed to address inadequate financial incentives

Management Committee Agenda – 17th March 2021 

The PESFOR-W Virtual Field Tour – The riparian zone – Where the water quality is formed – Can planting trees improve water quality?

COST Action CA15206 – Payments for Ecosystem Services – Forests for Water (PESFOR-W) – Update from the COST Association Final Event 17 March 2021 


18 March 2021

Introduction (day 2) by Gregory Valatin

Presentation by Alessandro Leonardi, CEO, Etifor / Valuing Nature.  Forests for water – Payments for Ecosystem Services – A practitioner's perspective

Presentation by Nihat Zal, EEA Project Manager – Water resources.  Water and forests' interactions – EEA activities on forests and water

Presentation by Tamas Szedlak, European Commission, DG Agriculture and Rural Development – Woodlands for water PES – a policy perspective – Ecosystem services in the EU Forest Strategy and under the Common Agricultural Policy

Presentation by Paola Gatto – Working Group 1 – PES Design and Governance

Presentation by Tom Nisbet and Yiyang Cao – Working Group 2 – Environmental Effectiveness of Woodlands for Water PES

Presentation by Alex Chikalanov and Paola Ovando Pol – Working Group 3 – Results report 2016 – 2021 

Presentation by Lars Högbom – Working Group 4 – Dissemination, Communication & Marketing

Presentation by Tom Nisbet on the PESFOR-W User Manual 

PESFOR-W Action Plan – overcoming barriers to development of woodlands for water PES schemes