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This project aimed to advise on effective regeneration at the national through to site-specific levels, based on social, economic and environmental factors.

Research objectives

  • To provide a consistent approach to land regeneration through decision support systems and best practice guidelines.
  • To work with industrial, government, and third-sector partners to research, publish and disseminate innovations in land regeneration, leading to new best practice procedures.

Findings and Recommendations

Information and a suite of publications on how to plan and deliver brownfield regeneration to soft-end uses (including woodland and mixed habitat environments). Publications range from guidance notes and best practice guidelines and templates, through to academic and trade publications.


Best practice guidance for land regeneration. Forest Research Tools & Resources

Selecting tree species for landfill restoration. Forest Research Tools & Resources


Kieron Doick


Forestry Commission Policy

Use of land degraded by former industrial and urban activity makes an increasingly important contribution to the expansion of woodland. Trees planted on such sites offer immense social benefits in addition to the possibility of economic activity on formerly unproductive land. This programme supports the related objectives of the English Forestry Strategy and across Great Britain generally.


Funding & partners
  • forestry commissionForestry Commission