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Analysis and development of local authority tree strategies

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Understanding the role of urban tree management on ecosystem services

Urban forests provide ecosystem services that contribute to human health, liveability and sustainability. The management of trees influences the delivery of these ecosystem services and thus helps determine the total…


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Trees and Woods in Scottish Towns: The role of Local Authorities

Report giving a snapshot of the state of urban tree management by local authorities in Scotland. By A. van der Jagt and Anna Lawrence What's of interest If your organisation…


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Local Authorities in Scotland

Legacy socio-economic research relating to: GovernanceLocal Authorities in Scotland(PDF-191KB)Access our current and recent socio-economic research.


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The social value and governance of street trees

The page summarises Forest Research’s work to identify the social and cultural values of street trees and determine the formal and informal rules and regulations that influence their management.

Status: Completed


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