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Report on Forest Research for the year ended March, 1960

Lead Author: Forestry Commission

Home Publications Report on Forest Research for the year ended March, 1960

The report of Forest Research for the year ending March 1959. The report includes
Summary of the year’s work
Part i Reports of work carried out by Forestry Commission research staff
-Forest tree seed investigations
-Nursery investigations
-Silvicultural investigations in the forest: (a) south and central England and Wales (b) Scotland and northern England
-Provenance studies
-Poplars and elms
-Forest ecology
-Forest soils
-Forest genetics
-Forest pathology
-Forest entomology
-Grey squirrel research
-Forest management
-Forest economics
-Design and analysis of experiments
-Machinery research
-Utilization development
-The library and photographic collection
Part ii Research undertaken for the Forestry Commission by workers attached to universities and other institutions
-Researches in mycorrhiza
-Studies in soil mycology IV
-Forest soils research in Scotland
-Soil faunal investigations
-The juvenility problem in woody plants
-Relationship between larch canker and trichoscyphella willkommii
-Shelterbelt research
-Soil faunal research
-Studies on the morphological variation of conifers
-Hydrological relations of forest stands
-Tracheid length in young conifers
-Protein-fixing constituents of plants: part ii
-Further studies on fomes annosus
-Utilisation of tan barks
-Nutrition of trees in forest nurseries
Part iii Reports on results of individual investigations
-A summary of ten years seed testing experience with western
-Hemlock, tsuga heterophylla
-The use of herbicides for controlling vegetation in forest fire breaks and uncropped land
-The drainage of a heavy clay site
-Experimental introductions of alternative species into pioneer crops on poor sites
-Pruning of conifers by disbudding
-The pine looper moth, bupalus piniarius, in rendlesham and sherwood forests— 1959
-Propagation of elms and poplars from summerwood cuttings
-Estimating yield of hardwood coppice for pulpwood growing


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