Trees for the Future: diversity and complexity for resilience and carbon storage

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  • Wednesday 3 November - Thursday 4 November 2021
  • University of Birmingham and online
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This conference is a collaboration between Association of Applied Biologists, the JABB foundation and the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (BIFoR).

Its main objective is to explore state-of-the-art scientific  evidence showing that higher tree species diversity enables higher  productivity and stability, with a lower susceptibility to biotic and  abiotic stress, together with a portfolio of ecosystem services, as well  as economic and management benefits. Invited speakers will address these broad issues from the perspective of  science, industry, economics and politics.

A  key aim is to produce a policy document that will inform UK government  strategy. In addition, it will produce other outputs such as a Special  Issue of the Food and Energy Security journal. 

The programme includes presentations by Forest Research’s Bill Mason on ‘re-evaluating the role of nursing mixtures in British conifer forests: their effects on stand productivity and the implications for forest management and by Forest Research’s Nadia Barsoum, on ‘tree identity effects on forest biodiversity, resilience and carbon storage’.

Register as an in-person delegate by Friday September 17th. 

Register as a virtual delegate by Friday October 29th.