Phyto-threats project workshop

Event details

  • Wednesday 13 November 2019
  • NAFIC Conference Centre, Sand Hutton, near York

Phytophthora disease threats in UK nurseries and wider landscapes: what’s here, what’s coming and what we can do about it

All are welcome at our final Phyto-threats project workshop. Key items on the agenda are:

  • Following a 3 year study with our 15 partnership nurseries in England, Scotland and Wales, we will be presenting the results of on-site sampling of water and roots and the wider sampling supported by the statutory plant health teams. We will highlight the Phytophthora species we detected and will discuss our findings in terms of management of Phytophthora risk. We will also discuss how our results will support nursery ‘best practice’ accreditation criteria.
  • We will present social science and economic research findings - based on interviews and surveys with nurseries, retailers and the landscape sector - to understand the feasibility and appetite for biosecurity best practice and a sector-wide assurance scheme.
  • We will discuss how our research results link the arrival, spread and impact of Phytophthoras worldwide to their biological traits, trade networks and availability of suitable climate and forest habitats. We will invite discussion on how we might integrate this information in practice to provide tools to identify potential threats and manage risk.
  • We will present the results of comparisons among the genome sequences of numerous Phytophthora species, in an attempt to relate gene content to species characteristics such as pathogenicity.

Please contact Debbie Frederickson Matika (Debbie.frederickson@forestresearch.gov.uk) for further details and to confirm attendance.