Developing a plant health management standard for the horticultural trade

Event details

  • Thursday 28 February 2019
  • Start time: 14:00
  • NRS, Northern Research Station, Bush Estate, Roslin, Scotland

Alistair Yeomans, Horticultural Manager of the HTA, will be giving a seminar during his visit to NRS, Forest Research.

Alistair will speak about the launch of the Plant Healthy website - a self-assessment tool for horticulture businesses and organisations to improve the biosecurity of sourcing systems and advance plant health management practises. The tool is intended to help businesses prepare for independent audits which will be available once the Plant Health Assurance Scheme is launched later in 2019. The free tool is available at: www.planthealthy.org.uk

The tool is based on the recently published Plant Health Management Standard (PHMS) – an initiative that Grown in Britain and HTA have been working hard to advance, along with many other organisations.  The standard provides a set of requirements for businesses to meet, with a view to protecting the horticultural supply chain and the wider countryside from damaging pest and diseases. Although initially developed for the UK market, the standard is set out in a manner that enables it to be adapted for international businesses.

If you are outside NRS, we encourage you to access the seminar via the link:

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(Please note that although this seminar is being shown via skype for business, it will allow access even if you do not have skype for business installed on your pc.)

If you planning to attend in person, please notify Debbie Frederickson Matika