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A brand-new event highlighting the importance of looking after trees by showcasing arboriculture as an important, exciting, and diverse profession.

This two-day event will feature a series of speakers and outdoor activities to tackle some of the topics facing the tree care profession.

Discover what it’s like being an arborist and join talks with featured speakers from all areas of arboriculture on a range of exciting topics such as pests and diseases, climate change, health and wellbeing with trees and learn all about ancient trees. Get stuck into some interactive activities from a tree planting masterclass to climbing demonstrations and how to care for young trees.

With a particular focus on getting children interested in arboriculture careers, whether you’re already a professional or are a tree enthusiast, there will be something to spark everyone’s interest!

Kieron Doick will present Tree cover in your area (and why care).

Do you know how many trees there are where you live? Do you know why it’s interesting, even important, to know? Did you know that you can assess tree cover yourself and that it’s free and easy to do so? In a recent study by Forest Research we learnt that a third of people would like more trees where they live and that they also felt that tree cover was unfairly shared across communities. This despite few actually knowing what their tree cover is.  In this talk we’ll visit the benefits of trees in towns and cities, learn how to measure it and track change, and introduce you to the results of a long-running citizen science project that has sought to measure tree canopy cover for all the electoral wards of the UK.

Event details

Westonbirt- National Arboretum
Friday 20 May 2022
Saturday 21 May 2022
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