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The Future of the Elm Tree

Wych elm
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How can we bring back the elm trees that once defined our landscape?

This is the subject of a major conference at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew on 28th June 2022. Leading international experts from Spain, the USA, the Netherlands and Britain will be speaking, answering questions, and discussing the availability of Dutch elm disease resistant elms.

Joan Webber will present “Truths and legends of Dutch elm disease” (Session 1 – Setting the Scene: 9.50-11.15)

Dutch elm disease still remains in the public consciousness even though many believe no elms remain in Britain today. This is far from the truth but the type and size of elms that remain in the countryside have changed radically over 100 years of disease. Pathogen, beetle vector and tree have a complex relationship and the checks and balances that exist between them can alter the likelihood of tree mortality. Weaknesses in the disease cycle may allow mature elms to return to our landscape.

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Kew Gardens
Tuesday 28 June 2022
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