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FOSPREF-Wind end of project webinar

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Please join the FOSPREF-Wind members for the end-of-project webinar on the 23rd of February, at 10:00am UK time (11:00am CET, 12:00 (noon) Latvian time).

During the webinar, panel members will (a) introduce the FOSPREF-Wind project, (b) describe the ForestGALES R package fgr, its development and applications, (c) describe the development and applications of the 3PG R package, including projects that stemmed from FOSPREF-Wind, and (d) broadcast the FOSPREF-Wind video on damaging winds and climate change impacts to European forests. After the presentation there will be a 15- 20 minutes Q+A interactive session with the audience.

The webinar is aimed at a broad audience, from forestry professionals (including researchers, practitioners, policy makers, planners, private and public forest managers, and owners) to the interested public. It will last approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. During the event, a panel of project members will share the findings and outputs produced during the project. The event includes the opportunity for an interactive Q+A session with the attendees.

FOSPREF-Wind is a European collaborative project led by Forest Research (UK) in consortium with the University of Lisbon – Instituto Superior de Agronomia (Portugal); NEIKER – Basque Institute for Agrarian Research and Development (Spain); the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden); IBL – Polish Forest Research Institute (Poland); and SILAVA – Latvian Forest Research Institute (Latvia).

The project developed the key components of a climate-smart, Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) GIS platform for modelling stand-level growth and wind-damage risk: the growth model 3-PG (Landsberg and Waring, 1997) and the latest version of Forest Research’s wind risk model ForestGALES (Hale et al., 2015). During the project, ForestGALES – in the form of the fgr R package – has been implemented within QGIS’ Toolbox functionalities.

To further our understanding how climate change impacts are perceived throughout the broad forestry sector, a survey was recently completed that collected the perspectives of forestry professionals in the FOSPREF-Wind member countries (plus Ireland, as the University College Dublin joined the consortium for this part of the project). To promote awareness of the interlinked impacts of climate change and damaging winds on European forests, a 10-minutes video with subtitles in 9 European languages was created during the project. FOSPREF-Wind was funded by the EFI Network Fund.

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Wednesday 23 February 2022
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