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Software Engineer / Developer

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Posted: Posted 4 weeks ago

Working with the Mensuration, Growth and Yield Group and the Silviculture and Wood Properties Group. The role will involve implementation of an individual tree growth and yield model and leading customer service for the Tariff App.

As Software Engineer / Developer, the successful applicant’s time will be divided between development of the software implementation of an individual tree growth and yield model, known as MOSES_GB, and leading customer service for the Tariff App. The Tariff App enables foresters to carry out ‘tariffing’, this is the procedure used to estimate timber volume for the purposes of management, harvesting and sale.

The Forest Mensuration, Growth and Yield Group focuses on supporting the sustainable management of Britain’s woodland resources. We do this to meet a range of economic and environmental objectives including national climate change targets, through the maintenance of productive forest areas and supply of sustainable timber. Our Group provides the forest sector and policymakers with the tools required to support forest management helping them to make informed decisions in line with current international guidelines, like those of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Our team consists of modellers, software engineers and mensuration experts who provide advice and support. The team also manages a network of sample plots across the UK providing the data required to create models to support forest management.

The Silviculture and Wood Properties Group works to improve the scientific understanding of silvicultural practice, with the objective of increasing the resilience of forests to climate change and biotic threats. Our five main areas of work are: silvicultural systems; pesticides and vegetation management; emerging species; long term experiments and upland silviculture. The Group achieves their aims using a range of scientific methods including field experiments, surveys, laboratory studies and literature reviews. We have a strong track record of producing respected practical guidance on the management of forests and supporting this with evidence published in peer-reviewed scientific papers.

Forest Research (FR) is the research agency of the Forestry Commission, and a world leader in applied forest science and a trusted and recognised provider of expertise, data, products and services for governments and the tree, wood, forest and natural resource sectors. Please explore to find out more information about our organisation. We encourage applications from people from all backgrounds and aim to have a workforce that represents the wider society that we serve. At FR we pride ourselves on being an employer of choice. We champion diversity, inclusion and wellbeing and aim to create a workplace where everyone feels valued and a sense of belonging.

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