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Scientist Tree and Stand Modelling Part Time Fixed Term Appointment

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Posted: Posted 1 week ago

A Scientist Tree and Stand Modelling role, joining the Forest Research (FR) Forest Management Science Group department; working closely with the Mensuration, Growth and Yield Science Group. 

The department’s main aim is to improve the scientific understanding of silvicultural practice and increase the resilience of forests to climate change and biotic threats.

The Scientist Tree and Stand Modelling role will be based out of Alice Holt, Farnham. Blended working with occasional travel. See further details about our locations via this link.

Our work is currently focused on five main areas: silvicultural systems; pesticides and vegetation management; emerging species; long term experiments and upland silviculture. We achieve our aims using a range of scientific methods including field experiments, surveys, laboratory studies and literature reviews.

Current forestry policy seeks to develop more resilient forests in Britain using more mixed species stands, which can be managed through a wide range of silvicultural systems. We’re building an individual tree-level growth and yield model capable of simulating this wide range of forest types and management scenarios.

You’ll be helping us build this model – working closely with the Project Leader and the Mensuration, Growth and Yield Science Group. You will be expected to extract and analyse data from FR’s large database on tree growth. Using the insights gained from this data, you’ll also develop mathematical and statistical models of tree properties and growth. You will create reports on this topic which can be shared widely with stakeholders around the organisation and more widely in scientific papers.

We’re looking for someone with experience in the development of statistical and mathematical models, as well as the analysis and interpretation of quantitative data and information. You’ll have experience working in a team as well as independently.

However, it’s also important that on a personal level, you share our same passion and care for the environment and advances in sustainable forest management.

We’re also looking for someone with great communication skills – both written and in person. The information and insights you gather from your modelling will need to be included in reports; scientific papers; and occasionally presented at events with both internal and external audiences.

Forest Research (FR) is the research agency of the Forestry Commission. We are a world leader in applied forest science and also a trusted and recognised provider of expertise; data; products and services for governments and the tree, wood, forest and natural resource sectors. Please explore to find out more information about our organisation.

For further information about the role, and to apply, please click ‘Apply Now’ below.