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Posted: Posted 1 week ago

We are seeking to appoint a Pay Band 4 Environmental Modeller. The role will be based at Alice Holt, on a fixed term assignment for 3 years. The post requires competent mapping, data processing and modelling skills.

The candidate will be planning soils and tree health surveys, training foresters and research staff, as well as volunteer workers and citizen scientists in tree health assessment and monitoring. They will oversee collection of soils and forest monitoring data; and be responsible for data collation, statistical modelling and reporting results. The position will also entail searching and accessing various environmental and reference databases; extracting and analysing data, and modelling multidisciplinary datasets. Risk prediction, with provision of tree health management guidance, will be linked to the models.

The Environmental Modeller role also entails mentoring junior staff and writing grants to raise research funding. The successful candidate will require excellent numerical and modelling skills. Also, communication proficiency and the ability to work with stakeholders, citizen scientists and the general public. They should also work well in a team, especially in mentoring and guiding technical support staff and junior scientists.

A track record of neat, accurate data collection and analysis, map generation and data visualisation, and generation of statistical and spatial models using tools such as R and GIS, as well as experience in spatial and integrated analyses are necessary. Also, strong evidence of knowledge on environmental impacts related to forest environments will be advantageous. Experience of planning and organisation skills, data management, scientific publication, presentation and report writing, integrated teamwork and the ability to help colleagues with statistical analyses of datasets is desirable. Knowledge of quality assurance, health and safety awareness will be beneficial.

The Tree Health research group’s role is to sustain the forestry and tree sector in Britain. This is done through rapid diagnosis of tree health problems and response to invasive pest and disease outbreaks; and undertaking research of pests and pathogens threatening British trees; and interaction with stakeholders, volunteer and citizen scientists, to inform government policy, management and future proofing trees for resilience in changing climates.

The Physical Environmental Science Research group’s role is to lead world class experimental research, monitoring and modelling on the hydrochemistry and biogeochemistry of forested environments. This is vital research as it is linked with forest health and growth through significant considerations of soil nutrition, soil physical properties, soil carbon, soil biodiversity and overall soil health; and the key hydrological interactions (e.g. leaching and storage) as well as carbon sequestration and loss (interactions with nitrogen and dissolved organic carbon). Research covers the climate change, pollution and forest management impacts on the soil condition; and health and water quality and quantity in forested environment.

This Environmental Modeller post is based from our Alice Holt Research Station which is near Farnham in Surrey. Please be aware that this role can only be worked in the UK and not overseas. See further details about our locations via this link.

Forest Research (FR) is the research agency of the Forestry Commission. We are a world leader in applied forest science; and a trusted and recognised provider of expertise, data, products and services for governments and the tree, wood, forest and natural resource sectors. Please explore to find out further information about our organisation.

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